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Residential developments and social housing

Building sustainable new homes across Oxford.

Addressing the critical need for affordable housing in our society is paramount, and ODS is committed to playing a key role in this endeavor. ODS’s core service revolves around creating sustainable communities where people not only live, but they can also thrive.

End-to-end solutions

In collaboration with local authorities, existing or nearby communities, landlords, and our extensive supply chain, ODS manages the entire new build process.

We specialise in building bespoke, quality homes in Oxford and beyond, ensuring that each project aligns with the unique needs and characteristics of the community it serves.

By prioritising sustainability, affordability, and community engagement, we aim to contribute meaningfully to the creation of vibrant and inclusive neighborhoods. ODS is dedicated to making a positive impact on society by providing accessible housing options and fostering environments where individuals and families can build brighter futures.

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