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Road resurfacing and patch repairs

Resurfacing roads and carrying out patch repairs is one of ODS’s most visible services, as well as one of our most important.

We work hard to keep Oxford’s roads in good condition, and keep the traffic on our busy streets moving. Through carefully planning resurfacing and maintenance programmes throughout the year, ODS helps to improve the general life-span of Oxford’s roads and decrease the likelihood of more disruptive works having to occur at short notice.

Road and surface patch repairs for businesses

Surface patch repairs are essential for keeping roads and pathways safe for all users.

Pot-holes are an issue most drivers and cyclists are familiar with, and they are made worse by the increased number of road users as well as the more extreme weather we have experienced in recent years.

Patch repairs are also used for fixing other deteriorations of the road or path surface, such as cracking.

Rather than individually dealing with pot-holes or cracks, one at a time, it is more effective to complete a patch repair of the wider area. This also enables our expert operatives to apply a coating to the new tarmac to give it greater protection from wear and tear - and therefore prolong the time before any future repairs are needed.

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