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Total Waste Management Solutions

ODS offers a Total Waste Management Solution, meaning we can manage all your waste streams - from everyday recycling, to specialised items like batteries, clinical waste, confidential materials, hazardous waste, WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), used cooking oil, and hygiene waste.

Why you should use ODS for your business's Total Waste Management.

Effortless compliance

We’re environmentally compliant and hold all necessary health and safety accreditations, permits, and insurances, ensuring all your waste is handled responsibly.

Peace of mind

Benefit from our expert guidance on regulations – leaving you free to focus on core business activities.

Brand protection

We are committed to reducing your environmental impact by diverting the maximum amount of waste away from landfill through our robust recycling programme.

Positive reputation

Responsible waste management practices reflect a commitment to environmental stewardship, enhancing your brand image and reputation.

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